Georgia Tech leverages its research expertise to develop new methods that transform data into value. Analyzing large and complex data sets, also known as “big data,” can provide solutions to many challenges. Applying data analytics to social networks may help industries understand trends in consumer behaviors. Similar computational capabilities may also provide insight on tackling some of the most critical issues facing society today, including programs to detect vulnerabilities in power grids or technologies to monitor protein interactions in cancer research. 

Core Research Areas

Data analytics evaluates patterns in data, enabling quick, accurate predictions.

Advances in DSP research improve information bearing signals in digital form.

Modeling and simulation enables management and evaluation of data.

Applied optimization models create better process planning for a vareity of industries.

HPC research improves parallel processing for running advanced application programs.

Mathematical foundations provide the basis on which big data research is built.

Featured Lab

Center for Data Analytics (CDA)

The Center for Data Analytics (CDA) is the unified community for big data analytics and machine learning at Georgia Tech. As a leading research center,​ CDA brings state-of-the-art computational breakthroughs to important current applications of interest such as biomedical, healthcare, materials, sustainability, finance, cyber security, and energy.

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